The Woolwich Double - Duplex or Large Home

Spacious-Sleek Duplex with Modern Living Luxury
$180,000.00 - Supply Only.
$250,000.00 - TurnKey.

The Woolwich Double - Duplex Unit

Major Features:

  • 2 bedroom & 2 bathroom.

  • 116 sqm of separate living space to kick back, enjoy and cherish. 

  • 48 sqm of outdoor decking and veranda space. (24 sqm on each side).

  • Open plan living provides a spacious entertainment area with natural light that pours in through the glass. 

  • Modern and large kitchen, stone tabletop.

  • Large bathrooms with upscale sinks and showers.

  • The perfect solution for families, couples and Airbnb ventures to get privacy,  comfort and luxury all-in-one.

"Elegant 1 bedroom units with plenty of natural light"

This Dwellie is the perfect home for couples with kids, renting out to tenants or adding extra space to an existing property. 

The duplex gives you privacy, comfort and all the modern essentials, making it easy to maintain and live very comfortably.

The outdoor decking area adds that extra entertainment area which is perfect for having friends over for drinks, BBQ's and enjoying the surrounding scenery.


This residence offers style and sophistication creating an appealing and new-age touch, perfect for people looking for privacy whilst also utilizing the duplex to its full potential.








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