The Brookvale:

Making your neighbours jealous, obviously.

Supply Only - $220,000.00
TurnKey - $350,000.00
Watch the video to have a look inside!

The Brookvale Home

Major Features:

  • Customizable floorplan, With up to 4 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms.

  • 120 sqm of livable space plus entertainment deck and balcony.

  • Open plan living area for you and the whole family to enjoy!

  • Modern interior design and large kitchen area.

  • Elegant bathrooms with a sizeable shower 

  • Double-storey design utilizing 4 x modules to provide beautiful views and privacy.

  • Large glass sliding doors and windows to create a beautiful, light-filled space.

"Family time with a modern touch"

Been on YouTube drooling over some insane container home designs? Add this to the list. 

The Brookvale is a masterpiece of innovation and home design. The crazy part is... this could be your next home!


This double-storey design provides a large home that can be enjoyed and loved by the entire family.


Featuring a large backyard deck to throw those classic family and friends BBQ's, and a romantic balcony escape for you and yours truly. 

Hats off to Rob Andary for creating this phenomenal residence which offers style, elegance, and functionality.

All yours from just $185,000.000








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