At Dwellie we make building your new home exactly how it should be - easy and stress free.

Browse our prefabricated designs (which can be modified to suit your style) and indulge the idea of having your home designed by our award-winning Principal Architect - Robert Andary. 

We use modular building to provide you with fixed costs and timeframes. 

Sit back and relax whilst we take care of everything for you! Need more information about everything? Read our FAQs.

No more getting ripped off, no more delays, no more tradesman running around your property interfering with your life. Once your building permit has been approved, we can get your home finished in just 12-16 weeks! 


Get Smart. Get Modular. Get Dwellie.

Bedroom Options: 
Bedroom Options: 
Bedroom Options: 

This Dwellie Homes  home range starts from a single 20ft unit all the way up to 90 m2. These designs are cost-effective, built fast and are perfect for those after something comfortable but not too big. All structures are built from scratch.

These Dwellie's are our more luxurious range that can go up to 120sqm. Striking designs that are innovative, sustainable and are perfect for those who are after something modern.

Bedroom Options: 
Bedroom Options: 

Designed by our award-winning architect Rob Andary, The Cornella house is a masterpiece of simplicity and style. Starting from just  $185,000.000

Designed by our award-winning architect Rob Andary, The Brookvale house is a double-storey showstopper. Starting from just  $185,000.000

Want something larger or different? Collaborate with our award-winning designers and build the home of your dreams. Anything is possible). Le'ts chat about how we can bring it to life? Schedule a call here.

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