Why Container Homes Make the Perfect Holiday House! [#3 Can Make You Serious Cash 💰]

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

1) Sturdy Structure

The steel structure is durable and can withstand a lot more of mother nature than a traditional home. We’re seeing a trend in customers that are wanting to develop in flame zones, cyclone zones, and rural areas.

Container homes can withstand 200km winds, won’t catch fire like timber and won’t crumble if debris or a falling tree touch wood were to fall on your home. As an added bonuses, if you’ve got some wild kids running about, I don’t think they would be able punch holes through steel… and if they can, they’d probably have some reasonable success in the UFC 🥊

2) Accessible and Fairly Priced:

Getting access to builders in area that are outside of a main city can be difficult, there is usually a limited number of options, and can often be really expensive. The good thing about modular building is that the construction process is done off-site, the modules are delivered to the nearest city port, and then put onto the back of a truck and delivered to site.

This provides our customers with a fixed cost, and a fixed timeframe and allows us to build in even the most rural areas around the world.

3) Holiday Rental Cashola!

We’re all aware of the Airbnb explosion in recent times, and this has opened the door for your holiday home development to be a serious cash-cow on your own terms. It’s a great way to make your asset work for you, and over time, even pay back the cost of the entire build. Here are some examples:

Rye, VIC, $175 per night (at 60% occupancy = $35,000 per year, home paid back in 6.5 years)

Bruny Island, TAS, $206 per night

(at 50% occupancy = $36,000 per year, house paid back in 5 years!)

We help our clients get their Airbnb business off the ground, our marketing team gives you a complimentary 1-month free advertising to spread the word and get your first few occupants through the door!

Blue Mountains NSW, $185 per night

(at 45% occupancy = $32,560 per year, house paid back in 5.5 years!)

4) Mobility:

Another cool thing is with our smaller units, such as the 40ft modules is that they can be moved quite easily. Meaning, you can relocate the home to a different plot, and make room to adjust and scale for additional units down the track.

5) Aesthetic:

Stand out from the crowd, make your neighbours think… jeez, I wish my house was that cool! The container look creates a perfect getaway vibe and aesthetic that will make you feel that you’re on holiday, away from your regular life in the city, and is sure to make jaws drop and get all the oohs, aahs, and OMG’s from your friends and family.

Have a look at these gorgeous designs:

Well that wraps up todays blog, if you want to discuss creating your dream holiday escape whether its for investment or to be enjoyed by you, let’s get in touch, book a call here and we’ll see if we can help you out!

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