Modular Home Extensions: Is this a good option for me?

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

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I want to discuss modular home extensions, they are seriously the most amazing type of projects. They give existing homes a gorgeous additional space and add so much value to the property.

In my opinion, if we were to list all the advantages of modular building, all of them are emphasized in home extension type projects. Typically with renovations or extensions, there are so many horror stories with long delays, issues with building quotes and the general nuisance of having workers running around your home for months on end.

What are the advantages?

· Breath-taking designs and modern aesthetic.

· No more tradesman running through your house disturbing the peace for months, even years!

· No more weather delays.

· Fixed costs, fixed timeframes for your peace of mind.

· No room for human error with our systematic factory processes.

· Whilst we do the manufacture off-site, we prepare the foundations on-site for optimal efficiency.

· Less stress, fewer headaches - simply get the keys handed over once the job is done thanks to our A-Z project management.

These types of jobs are growing in popularity all across Melbourne and you can see just how stunning they are. If you’d like to discuss your home extension and if modular building is a good fit your project, schedule a call here to discuss some options for your home.

Want to learn more about how we build these awesome modules? Click here to have a read!

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