Modular Building for Property Developers? Yes.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

You’ve found the perfect site; you’ve crunched the numbers and the profits are mouth-watering! It’s now time to get quotes and find the right people to help you execute your project.

We've been approached by a wave of developers looking for a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution for their project. In some cases, what we do is a no-brainer, in others, we're off the mark. It really is a case by case basis.


The main advantage is the speed of construction. If you can get tenants, or flip your properties 6-months faster, that's a big plus. Typically, a residential building project takes approximately 9-12 months to build in traditional construction methods.

Obviously, this depends on the location of the site, the type of build - apartments, townhouses, weather conditions, other variables etc.

With modular building, it's consistently the same timeframes regardless of these circumstances. 8-12 weeks to build off-site and a maximum of 8-weeks to finish off and install on-site. That's pretty solid.

Additionally, there is less room for human error and thus unexpected costs which can stretch your budget and turn your hair grey.... if it isn't already!


The quality of a modular building really depends on the materials and structural system used - just like anything, really. We've spoken to many builders about this, and the response is generally - you get what you pay for.

If you purchase a dirt-cheap, cookie-cutter home, with really basic inclusions and low-quality finishes... well it shouldn't surprise if your door handles will be falling off in the near future. Either modular or traditional.

Generally, modular building companies provide higher-end finishes and inclusions than volume builders, but at a higher price of course. Some even charge up to $5000 per sqm - crazy stuff.

However, in terms of energy-efficiency, weather resistance, and environmental friendliness, modular buildings take the crown - 10x over. Seriously.

Most use steel-frame structures and flatpack systems to consistently deliver an above standard to luxury quality home. As mentioned, this won't always come in for the ridiculously low cost as some traditional builders can offer. Again, you pay for what you get in both instances. The best way to decipher which contractor to use is a cost for quality comparison.

Is the extra money your spending on build quality going to increase the value and sale price of your residences? To what extent? Is it worth it? These are all the questions you need to be asking.

A modular finish for a project in the Caribbean.


In some cases, we absolutely smash traditional quotes out of the water! We saved a property developer $473,000.00 compared to the next traditional quote, and we, of course, sealed the deal.

His site was 1.5 hours out of the CBD in Melbourne (near Daylesford VIC) and due to the lack of access to builders in the area, our solution was perfect. They also wanted high-quality finishes (i.e - $40,000.00 kitchens, polished concrete floors) for an affordable price, this is something we can provide for approximately $1800 per sqm turnkey.

At a larger scale, the costs come down even further, for example - 10-20 houses, or hotels we can do very well in regards to price.

Modular building for developers is extremely beneficial in situations like this, and plenty of others too. We price projects in both traditional and modular and allow the client to decide which is a better solution for them. We help them analyse the advantages and disadvantages, the best options always shines through.

Have plans or a project in mind? Let's get you a quote in both traditional and modular! Schedule a time to chat here.

Modular apartment installation.

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