Building on a Slope? Will a Modular Home or Container Home Work For You?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Been quoted a stupid amount to build a home on your beautiful but slopey block?

Well… we have some good news for you. Our modular homes are not only sleek aesthetically, but they can be built on a sloping block without it being stressful or putting a massive strain on your budget.

Let’s discuss some of the positives as well as challenges so that you may or may not be aware of.

You still need to be realistic – Quality over quantity.

You want the polished concrete floors, 200sqm’s of living space and balcony views from your envious 3-levels of modular glory. We’d love to make it happen but understand that being realistic about what your budget can achieve is important, $3000-$3300 per m2 for full turn-key service is the ballpark rate for slopey blocks.

As you know, modular building is a fantastic option and extremely competitive in particular circumstances, especially with slopey blocks and outer city areas. Still, you pay for what you get – its not the ridiculously dirt cheap option some people assume.

It may be the quickest turnaround and offer supreme quality in terms of structure, but you can’t get Buckingham Palace for $250,000.00. Furthermore, consider we may also need to use geotechnical engineers and surveyors to ensure no red-flags are discovered once it’s already too late – don’t stress, we organize this all for you if need be.

Here’s an example of a design concept by Robert Andary for a prospective client in VIC:

Coming Soon: The Wye River Modular Mansion

Side View: Wye River Concept

The above will entail high-end/luxury finishes over 3-levels and is expected to come in for around the $800K mark all-in. Obviously, this is a dream home for most of us and typical clientele have between 300K-500K to spend on a residential home.

In saying that, we will only move forward if we can deliver what you’re after, within your budget…. Otherwise, we just won’t take your money.

It’s better to be upfront and say ‘sorry, it’s just not gonna happen’ then overpromise and create conflict, true?

Enjoy your beautiful scenery

Alrighty, we’re a good fit for one another, let’s get on a more positive vibe, shall we? Yes.

Let’s turn your block into a gorgeous wonderland of magnificent views, lovely balconies, and cosy outdoor entertaining. Cheers to making you the best host in your entire friendship circle! 🍻

The home you design should definitely take advantage of the peaks, and it would be ideal to go double, or even triple storey. A well thought out design will not only capture the surrounding views for you and the family and make any guests ask you who built this damn thing?! Long-term, it’s also a fantastic selling point that will add serious value if you’re looking to sell.

Think about Drainage, Solar and Home placement

Do you want a northern, southern, eastern or western facing home?

If you would love to go a little more environmentally friendly and save money on your electricity bill, then solar panels are an excellent idea. When planning a home with solar, it's imperative to consider which way the home will face getting the most direct sun exposure throughout the day.

Also, If you home backs onto a hill, how will the water escape down the hill and around your home? You definitely don’t want water going through your home. It's a good idea to have a raised home for lots that back onto a hill. This stormwater to run underneath and around your home during heavy downpours.

Ready to chat?

If you have a block of land thats slopey, flat, long or thin, let's discuss whether we can help you build your dream home, within your budget. Book a call right here, or send us an e-mail -

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