Modular Home Extensions 

The greatest solution to extending your existing home, ever.

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What are the advantages?

  • Breath-taking designs and modern aesthetic.

  • No more tradesman running through your house disturbing the peace for months, even years!

  • No more weather delays.

  • Fixed costs, fixed timeframes for your peace of mind.

  • No room for human error as we build in a controlled environment.

  • Whilst the modules are being built 0ff-site, we prepare the foundations on-site for optimal efficiency.

  • Less stress, fewer headaches - simply get the keys handed over once the job is done thanks to our A-Z project management.

How to Start

  • Send us an enquiry with your plot details and we will give you a call to discuss. 

  • We will go over what you're looking to do and get an idea of the ballpark figure for your project.

  • Will then organise a site visit or a consultation to get a clear picture of the site and make sure your extension is possible to execute. 

  • We will assess whether we can meet your brief within your budget and produce something you love!

  • if so - great! We will take a deposit to begin and send our surveyor to your site ASAP and get started.

Endless Options & The Process

Big, small, single-storey, double, cost-effective, lavish finishes - anything is possible and it completely depends on what you're after. 

Regardless, these extensions add an enormous amount of value to any home and are much easier to get planning and building approval for than a new home.

That's not to say these extensions have to be connected to an existing dwelling, even if they are isolated we can class them as a home improvement rather than a new build - fantastic, we know! 😊

Summary of Building Process:

  1. The modules are made off-site with all exterior and windows manufactured to design specifications.

  2. Delivered to site.

  3. Craned over the top of the existing home and placed onto the prepared structure.

  4. Fitted out on site with the internal finishings.

  5. Connected or left stand-alone depending on client preference.

  6. Beautiful space completed, value to home added, family harmony is restored. 


Images courtesy of RAA Architecture. Designed with love by Robert Andary.

The Crosby Residence Extension

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