Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced team are always on hand to discuss your project. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help in any way. 

We have endeavoured to answer your most common questions as genuinely and as thoroughly as possible:

How much do your homes cost?

Well, it's not an easy question to answer because pricings genuinely operates on a case by case basis. We can only provide an accurate quote for your project after the feature survey, soil report, design concept, and engineering footing design has been completed. Till then, we can only provide you with a ballpark estimate. We have to look into the sites location, site access, type of block (slopey, flat, rural etc), size of the home, nature of the project (multiple dwellings, dual occupancy, apartments etc...) and whether you want us to look after everything from A-Z or only certain aspects of the overall project. We have done a single residential home project between the $150-800K price bracket. So it's fair to say, the cost of a modular home can be difficult to ascertain, but in general, the more modules (size) you use for your project, the cheaper it becomes per square metre. We would recommend using at least 4x (30sqm) modules to tap into the cost-effective side of production and install. See the example below of a 4x module design (120sqm) - 2x downstairs, 2x cantilevered upstairs. (up to 4-bedrooms): Dwellie is placed somewhere in the middle of the modular home market - some companies charge $3500-5000 per m2. We want to strike a balance a high-quality product and a fair price to our clients. Typically, for a single modular home our prices work out to be around $2800-$3000 per m2 Turnkey - that is all the way from Design to handing you the Keys 🔑. However, the above range is our average estimate as every site is different and every home is different. Thus costs such as siteworks, transport and connection to services are all variable and cannot be accurately estimated until we have analysed your site.

How do payments work?

Okay, strap in, theirs a quite a few details here. Your contract will be split into 2 major sections, with 3 subsections in each. 1. Design & Planning a. Stage 1.1 – Design Concept & Survey. b. Stage 1.2 – DA & Permit Management. c. Stage 1.3 – Building permit drawings/Shop drawings for Manufacture. This will account for approximately 10-12% of your project costs. 2. Construction a. Stage 2.1 – Procurement/purchasing materials. b. Stage 2.2 – Completion of manufacturing and delivery to your site.
c. Stage 2.3 – Commencement of Install and Finishing touches on-site (approx 4-8 weeks). d. Stage 2.3 – Handover. Drawdowns will be taken at each of these stages. The construct phase of the project is expected to account for 70-85% of project costs, depending on the size and nature of the project. Note: There are two components of the overall contract that will need to be fulfilled. a. Supply - Purchasing the materials and then manufacturing the modules in the factory. b. Install - Our builders doing the install of the completed modules once they have arrived on your site.

This can all be lumped into one contract with the builder, or be seperated into multiple contracts.
3. Payments for Supply a. To begin manufacture a 30-50% deposit of supply/material costs is required, once this has been paid we begin. This process varies somewhat from project to project but in most cases we expect 8-12 weeks to finish the manufacture of your home. b. Once the home is ready you can come to our factory to do a practical completion walkthrough. That means you will persoanlly Q.A the finished product before we send it to your site. For the home to leave the factory and be transported to your site, we require another 30% payment. At this point in time, you've paid 60%-80% of supply costs. c. Once the modules arrive on site, we have a 30-day period whereby the balance of the supply costs must be paid. We are one of the only modular building companies that don't ask for 100% of the costs upfront. This 30-day period gives us a nice bit of time for our builders to get the project to lock up stage and claim progress payments. And for your bank to send their valuers down to the site for you to get traditional finance based on the prospective construction value (if necessary). 3. Payments for Installation a. Once the modules have been delivered, our registered builders will provide you with a standard building contract to install the modules and apply the finishing touches. b. You will have a separate contract with our Registered Builder and this will provide you with all the standard warranties, insurances, exactly like a traditionally built home. c. The cost of install will be defined by our builder at the very beginning of our journey together. You'll know exactly how much each component of the contract will be costing you, see below example: Project Cost $350,000.00 (Turnkey) Payments Breakdown: 1. Design, Planning & Drawings = $35,000.00 (paid) ✅ 2. Manufacture and Supply of Modules to site = $190,000.00 (paid) ✅ 3. Installation and Handover = $125,000.00 (balance to be paid to the builder) 👷🏻‍♂️

What are your products made of?

We use a combination of light-weight steel, structural steel, and sometimes timber to create these amazing modular homes.
They are all newly built modules in our factory. They don't exist until you pay for them. They are created from scratch, tailor-made to your project with high-end insulation, steel thickness, and guttering systems to achieve a minimum 6-star energy efficiency standards for Australian residential use. There are options to go above and beyond if required. We then create the structure and prefabricate up to 90% of the entire build off-site. We break up the entire build into container sized parameters to make transportation easy and cost-effective.

Is it eco-friendly and how's the insulation?


We provide the amount of insulation to meet required energy ratings, we insulate the walls, floors, ceilings with high-end mineral wool (earth-wool equivalent). Our standard is R 2.5 in the walls and R 4.0 in the ceilings and floors. This is a pretty high spec, but again, you always have the option of adding further insulation if your climate is particularly cold or warm.
Overall, the feedback has been amazing and structural steel has proven itself to be a far more energy-efficient and weather-resistant building material than timber or brick - Yay! 😊

Eco-friendliness: Together we can help minimize your eco-footprint. The world is starting to become more conscious of pollution, climate change, and the environment in general - we play our and support these initiatives through our buildings. Modular building is able to maintain a superior indoor thermal environment without active measures such as heating and air conditioning systems. The life period of our buildings are maximized through resource conservation (energy, land, water, building materials), helping create a healthy and more eco-friendly space that significantly lowers carbon emissions throughout the building process.

How does it compare in quality to traditional builiding?

The quality of a modular building really depends on the materials and structural system used, just like anything, really. Evidently, the main difference is that modular homes are built off-site and the construction process takes way less time. That's one of the biggest advantages. We've spoken to many builders outside of our circle about this, and the response is - you get what you pay for. If you purchase a dirt-cheap, cookie-cutter home, with really basic inclusions and low-quality finishes... well it shouldn't surprise if the door handles begin falling off in the near future. Either modular or traditional. Generally, modular building companies provide higher-end finishes and inclusions than volume/traditional builders, but at a higher price of course. Some even charge up to $5000 per sqm - crazy stuff. However, in terms of energy-efficiency, weather resistance, and environmental friendliness, modular buildings take the crown - 10x over. Seriously. We use steel-frame exterior structures and flatpack systems to consistently deliver an above standard to a luxury quality home. As mentioned, this won't always come in for the ridiculously low cost as some traditional builders can offer. Again, you pay for what you get in both instances. Our goal is to enable high-quality homes to be accessed by the mainstream market at a fair price. This type of building and technology shouldn't be limited to clients with millions in their bank accounts. We sure that you'll see the value and importance to create a home that you're proud of, that lasts longer and looks phenomenal - adding more value in the years to come.

How long does it take to build?

This is probably the most signifcant advantage of modular building, its the speed of construction and getting the project done. This is a real plus If you're looking to lease your property faster, if you wanted to save money on rent whilst construction is happening, or if you just want to bloody move into your new home as soon as possible! Typically, a residential building project takes approximately 9-12 months to build in traditional construction methods. Obviously, this depends on the location of the site, the type of build - apartments, townhouses, weather conditions, other variables etc. With modular building, it's consistently the same timeframes regardless of these circumstances. 8-12 weeks to build off-site and a maximum of 8-weeks to finish off and install on-site. Totalling approximately 4-6 months all up. Additionally, there is less room for human error and thus unexpected costs which can stretch your budget and turn your hair grey.... if it isn't already!

What is the standard ceiling height?

The standard ceiling height of each our modules is 2.7m (9ft) internally. For designs with ceiling heights above this, we can stack modules to create greater heights.

Can I customise my design? What are my options?

Yes! All of our designs are custom built for our clients. Supply us with your own design ideas and we'll work on it together, and give you a ballpark estimate early on in the piece. None of our designs exist unitl you pay for them. They are all custom-built to your drawings.

You're free to be as involved in the design process as you like;
Modify the style and façade of your home to get the exact look you want.
Add verandahs, patios, carports, double garages, etc.
Add lofts, double-storey modules, etc.
And apply any other ideas you have. Just tell our team what you want and we will make it happen.

Do you look after councils and permits? What is turnkey?

Yes we do. Our turnkey service literally takes care of everything for you. Clients love sitting back whilst we do the entire A-Z, from design, permits, architectural works, delivery, fit outs, installation, connection to services and then simply handing over the keys once the home is ready to move into. We have the most comprehensive and brilliant team to look after and manage the entire project for you. That’s our way of making the process as easy and painless as possible. We have your best interests at heart, you're our client and we look after you no matter what.

What guarantees and warranties do I get?

All modular homes come with a 7-year Home Owners Warranty as required by Australian law.

What are the next steps if I want to go ahead?

1) Consultation via phone or in-person: First, let's get to know each other to ensure what we offer is a good fit for your needs. We’ll go over prices, timeframes, different design options to make sure you understand how everything works and answer any questions along the way. 2) Concept design and site survey: We will send a surveyor to your plot and produce a concept set of drawings for your home. We can work off any of our set designs or create a completely bespoke home design. Before we begin the above process, we would have had a chat with you and understood your ideal home and whether it's achievable within your budget. If it is - Fantastic! We look forward to bringing your dream project to life and we'll move forward with the above. Otherwise, we just won't take your money. It's that simple. Our team has been in this industry for over 10-years and we go about business transparently. It's better to be upfront and tell you 'sorry, it's just not gonna happen' than to overpromise and not be able to deliver. This begins the first stage of your project and it will cost you $2750.00 AUD for the concept design and feature survery. If you have alread had a survey done, then our cost is $990 for the concept drawings. 3) Architectural drawings, councils, permits:
Once we have achieved the design you love, we take another brief and work the drawings up further – at this point, we will invoice you as the drawings develop and we prepare the plans and intricate details for council approval. This stage of works usually accounts for about 10-12% of the overall project costs. At the same time, we get to work on the building permit. After assessing your site, and getting in touch with the council planner, we begin to engage the required consultants before submitting the application.

This may include: · Feature Survey for contours · Soil test/ geotechnical report for footing design · Structural Engineering for the installation connection details, footing design, certification · Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (where applicable) · Bushfire Management Consultant · Building site assessment (approx. $500) · Energy Assessment for 6 star energy rating (approx. $500) · Other external consultants: Such as · Environmental & Cultural Heritage assessment · Private Planner, · Building Consultant, · Landscape Design Depending on the complexity of your plot this can be a very smooth exercise, or a lengthy one. It varies from plot to plot. What I will say is that our planning team has not failed to get a building permit across the line in 20 years of trying. We very much intend to extend that record for another 20 years! Once we have all the ducks lined up we apply for the building permit which takes around 8-12 weeks. After we get the green light, the real fun begins – Manufacturing!

What about financing? How does that work?

Modular homes are classified as real property, just like a traditionally built home. You can take out a mortgage to pay for a modular home purchase and won’t have to worry about paying for it in all-cash up front. The difference is that you’ll be applying for a construction loan, as modular builders are paid in stages. The lender will release funds to 80% of land value initially, with no further funds available until affixed to the site (lockup). From there, a standard building progress draw applies. Once the home has been completed, the construction loan will then be changed to a traditional mortgage. However, this initial cash release is often not enough to cover the first 30% deposit to begin manufacture and the secondary 30% for it to leave the factory and be delivered to site. If your supply costs are $200,000.00 (for example) you'll need 60% upfront in the above scenario. Meaning you need to be able to borrow $120,000.00 to work with us. The final 40% is to be paid 30-days after it has arrived on-site. Which is fantastic, most modular builders want 100% upon delivery. 1) Business Owners and Developers: If you operate a business or a property developer, we can review your financials and offer B2B financing at a very competitive rate. 2) Individuals: If you have pre-approval from your bank, we can discuss taking out finance on your behalf to carry you over until the modules are on-site.

Where can you build?

We offer our turnkey solution for our products in NSW, VIC, ACT and SA. If all other locations we offer a supply only option. Unless, you have a large project/development where it's feasible for us to get involved end-to-end.

Can you build in high BAL (bushfire assesment levels) areas?

Yes. Our constructions meet the requirements of the first 2 Bushfire Assessment Levels (BAL) without the need for any alteration and can be made compliant with all BAL’s through to, and including, Flame Zone if required.

Can I choose my own finishes?

Absolutely! You'll work collaboratively with our design team and choose from a wide range of finish options but you definitely don’t need to be limited by these. External cladding, roof shape, internal wall finishes, flooring, paint colours, bench tops, fixtures and appliances can all be chosen to meet individual requirements, and clients are welcome to supply their own items for inclusion should they wish to do so.

What are your standard inclusions?

Download our Standard Inclusions PDF by clicking here We're flexible. If you want to supply some of your own finishes or fixtures, we're more than happy to work with you and install yours.

All of our customers are welcome to come to the showroom and have a consultation with our interior designer.

For your container style homes, are they used shipping containers?

No, we create newly built modules only. This is for both our standard modular homes and our container-home style designs. For the container style homes, we simply finish the exterior in corrugated steel which gives it this aesthetic. For all of our other modular designs, you can choose any cladding as you would with a traditional build. For example - Timber Slats, Cement Sheeting, ColorBond, Weatherboards, Scyon Matrix (see below). All in all, none of these homes exist until you pay for them. They are built from scratch, tailor-made to your project design, with high-end insulation, steel thickness, high-quality finishes, and guttering systems to achieve a minimum 6-star energy efficiency standards for Australian residential use.