What we provide?

Innovative Building & Industry Experience.

Dwellie Homes has teamed up with industry leaders in modular architecture and container construction to provide a catalogue of breathtaking designs, perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of any customer. We also can work side-by-side with you to create and customize a brand-new design that's perfect for you and your family!

Our vision is to enable mainstream access to the benefits of modular building by partnering with renowned professionals businesses to fairly price and simplify our products and services. Our goal is to continually improve the value and happiness we provide to our customers year after year after year.

We are a one-stop-shop for modular building and container homes. Our full service includes everything from planning to painting. We take all the stress on board and let you focus on what's important in your life!

All our homes are built to the highest modular building standards. Our QA process ensures your unit won't leave our yard until it meets your requirements.


What we provide?

You may have noticed that we have two options when it comes to building your home, supply only and turn key. 

Turnkey vs Supply Only – What’s the difference?

Supply: In short, the supply only option provides the completed modules delivered to the building site. No work is done on our part pre-construction or post-delivery. This is less common, but a number of our clients already have the building permits in place, and are builders/tradesman themselves, so they are comfortable using their own network to assemble the modules.


Turnkey: Our turnkey service takes care of everything for you. Our clients love sitting back whilst we do the entire A-Z, from permits, architectural works, delivery, fit outs, installation and simply hand over the keys once the home is ready to move into. We have the most comprehensive and brilliant team to look after and manage the entire project for you, nationwide.


Also, it’s worth noting we don’t charge a premium on the independent contractors required for the job, we simply manage and organize the entire project – you’ll be invoiced directly by the additional parties that are involved, not Dwellie Homes Pty Ltd. 

That’s our way of making the process as easy and painless as possible. We have your best interests at heart, you're our client and we look after you no matter what. 

Connecting all the moving parts for affordable Turnkey solutions.


Our commitment to you

At Dwellie, customer experience comes first. We want to find the best solution for you personally! We never promise something we can't deliver. 

We improve our customer's lives by providing them with a new home, space, or anything possible with container construction and modular building, without all the stress and headaches of managing, finding, and co-ordinating all the moving parts of a building project. 

FAQ: Do you use recycled/used containers for your container themed modules?

No, they are newly built modules in our factory. They don't exist until you pay for them. They are created from scratch, tailor-made to your project with high-end insulation, steel thickness, and guttering systems to achieve 6-star energy efficiency standards for Australian residential use.

They are simply steel-frame structures manufactured in the shape of containers to make transportation easy. You can keep the container look, or clad in any exterior you wish.

As you know, we offer both 'container home' style modules and traditional styled modular homes as options for your next amazing home!